• What We Do

    Apps, Websites, Smart
    TV, and wearable tech

    RDUX is a UX & UI Design Company that creates
    useful and beautiful interfaces
    on any platform you need.

    Making the complex simple and powerful.

  • Zynga Customer Support

    Humanizing algorithms

    RDUX created a brand new UX & UI for Zynga’s Customer Support Site, geared at automatically matching known game issues to instant solutions, packaged easily for Gamers and Grandmas everywhere.


    Tablet keyboards, Re-Imagined

    Dryft brings words to your fingertips, making typing on tablets feel natural again. The RDUX Team worked with the original creator of the Android Swype keyboard to visualize this groundbreaking design.

  • What We Do

    Imagine, Collaborate, Produce.

    From an idea to an unforgettable and
    measurable user experience.

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  • Yahoo! Sports

    Fantasy Football

    Working with the Yahoo! Sports Product & Design Team, RDUX helped to develop new game features and interactions for easier setup, advanced game play, and smack talk goodness.


    Dreams of electric
    sheep & web RTC

    The Kandy developer portal was created to make
    next-gen web RTC technology simple in an
    inspiring, smart and intuitive UX/UI.
  • Who We Are

    Downtown San Francisco, horses welcome.

    RDUX is a San Francisco-based User Experience Design agency with a passion for making complex software simple, powerful and great looking. The tech industry has become another gold rush, and we want to help you stand out from your competitors.

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  • Viki.com

    Your favorite shows in any language, anywhere

    Working with the Viki Team in Singapore and San Francisco, RDUX focused the core product, designed new features and interactions, and developed a new visual style for Web, iOS and Android.

  • my yahoo.com

    Responsive, multi-screen customization

    RDUX and Yahoo’s Product, Design and Engineering Teams collaborated on the Agile-driven re-design and re-launch of this classic product used by millions globally.

  • Princeton University

    U.N. Weapons Inspection with Google Glass

    Princeton University tapped RDUX to collaborate with the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering to demonstrate how Glass could be used to re-envision the United Nations Weapons Inspections process.